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Time of my life

director: Albert Lubbers

theatre groupe: Theatre group Suburbia

role: Stephanie

The play “Momenten van Geluk” (Time of my life) runs in three time lines, all originating and ending at a family birthday party in a restaurant heading to a tragic conclusion. The real-time events of the party are interwoven with the events leading up to the night (played out backwards over the course of weeks) and subsequent events (played out over months).


Glyn and Stephanie’s story moves forward across two years as we discover Gerry was killed in a car-crash after leaving the party. Glyn is struggling to cope with his father’s business, but is more concerned about his marriage. Stephanie is pregnant and is afraid Glyn is cheating again. Maureen and Adam eventually separate and Stephanie has her baby. Over dinner, Glyn announces he is leaving Stephanie for another woman, leaving Stephanie alone with the ruins of her marriage as the dessert menu is read to her. Two years on from the party, Stephanie has revitalised her life and a now single Glyn has lost everything. She wants a divorce and reveals that Adam split with Maureen as Laura blamed Gerry’s death on Maureen. Adam’s life has similarly gone off the tracks and he is now a waiter. The brothers commiserate and Glyn reflects that you never recognise the moments when you are happy.

written by: Alan Ayckbourn

cast: Henriëtte Tol, Michiel Nooter, Wouter van Lierde, Jessica Zeylmaker, Sarah Jonker en Titus Boonstra

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