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The diptych ‘And they lived happily ever after’ and “Keep it close to yourself”

director: Jessica Zeylmaker

it's a production with with young people (Production class) by the AJTS de Amsterdamse JeugdteJAterschool.


And they lived happily ever after
We see five different fairy tales; Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Ariel. The play begins where the fairy tale ends. Saved by their Prince charming they would be happy. But are these princesses really happy? Is life after the fairy tale what they had expected? Is their Prince the perfect man? What about the dreams and ambitions of the princesses?
Keep it close to yourself
The fairy tale is over, or not? In this play we see thirteen actors in conflict with reality. How close should you keep to yourself to achieve your dreams?
choreography Desiree van Haaren
cast Kasturi van der Werf, Goya van den Berg, Thalia Schumacher, Bodien Curiel, Jonnah Goldberg, Ward Jansen. Esmé van der Krieke, Sjaan Hofstede, Charmaine Maayen, Sophie Anna Veelenturf, Sara van der Grinten, Estella Boersma Daniël Dojcinovic en Robin Rombouts.
trailer Robin de Jong



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