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Monologue: The Strongest

director: Eric de Vroedt

theatre group: Toneelgroep Amsterdam

role: actress mrs. X

“De Sterkste“ (The Strongest): one act play of the August Strindberg. In The Strongest, two women meet. One does all the talking, while the other does all the listening. We find out that the husband of one is the lover of the other.


Under the jazzy motto Walkin' with Strindberg, Eric de Vroedt directs The Strongest as a walking one-on-one version. A short walk that begins innocently, but that soon leads past the darkest places of the theatre. The spectator has an appointment with Mrs X, a famous actress attached to the theatre company. After a friendly greeting, the audience are dragged into a story in which they themselves turn out to play a part... Love, jealousy, delusions and self-betrayal compete for prevalence. Who is the strongest? The desperate player? Or the silent spectator?


written by: August Strindberg
cast: Jessica Zeylmaker


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